Claudio D - Freestyle Quick Hitters Vol. 1 (50 Edits)

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You'll Never Find Another Love (CD QH)
One More Shot (CD QH)
Fascinated (CD QH)
Out Of Control (CD QH)
Temptation (CD QH)
Can't Let You Go (CD QH)
Fallen Angel (CD QH)
Where Are You Tonight (CD QH)
Change On Me( CD QH)
Dream Boy Dream Girl (CD QH)
When I Hear Music (CD QH)
Come Go With Me (CD QH)
Point Of No Return (CD QH)
Why You Wanna Go (CD QH)
Bad of The Heart (CD QH)
What Goes Around(CD QH)
Hungry For Your Love (CD QH)
Dancing On The Fire (CD QH)
Lover Who Rocks You (CD QH)
Running (CD QH)
Come Into My Arms (CD QH)
No Reason To Cry (CD QH)
Move Like This (CD QH)
Can You Feel The Beat (CD QH)
Together Forever (CD QH)
Don't Take Your Love Away (CD QH)
Please Don't Go (CD QH)
Diamond Girl (CD QH)
Silent Morning (CD QH)
Boy I've Been Told (CD QH)
Let Me Be The One (CD QH)
I Want You (CD QH)
Crying Over you (CD QH)
Object Of My Desire (CD QH)
Party Your Body (CD QH)
Hooked On You (CD QH)
Never Let You Go (CD QH)
Take It While It's Hot (CD QH)
Because of you (CD QH)
Show Me (CD QH)
Arabian Nights (CD QH)
Only In The Night (CD QH)
Honey To A Be (CD QH)
Louder Than Love (CD QH)
You Are The One For Me (CD QH)
Within My Heart (CD QH)
Dreamin'(CD QH)
On The Upside (CD QH)
There's A Party Going On (CD QH)