Starjack - Segue Party Hits Vol. 2 (50 Epic Edits)

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In Da Club x California Love x This Is How We Do It (Starjack Segue 95-103) Clean

Wake Me Up To Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Starjack Segue 124-160) Clean
Get Your Roll On vs Astronaut In The Ocean (Starjack Segue 89-75) Clean / Dirty
I Gotta Feeling To Footloose (Starjack Segue 128-174) Clean
Pump It vs Rodeo (Starjack Party Segue 153-70) Clean / Dirty
Whoa vs Bad Boy For Life (Starjack Segue 86-90) Clean / Dirty
Ms New Booty vs Taki Taki (Starjack Segue 97-102) Clean
Crazy Bitch vs Pour Some Sugar On Me (Starjack Segue 98-85) Dirty
Light Switch To Blinding Lights (Starjack Hype Segue) Clean
Light Switch To Blinding Lights (Starjack House Intro Segue Aca Out 130-170) Clean
Dessert vs Problema (Starjack Segue 97-94) Clean
Party Up vs Problema (Starjack Segue 101-94) Clean / Dirty
Next Epsiode vs What's My Name (Starjack Segue) Clean
Perfect vs More Than You Know (Starjack Segue 63-123) Clean
Tambourine vs Get low (Starjack Segue Redrum) Clean / Dirty
Lean Back vs Back In Black (Starjack Segue) Clean / Dirty
Glamorous To First Class (Starjack Afro Segue 124-107) Dirty
Glamorous To First Class (Starjack Segue 131-107) Clean
On The Floor vs I Gotta Feeling (Starjack Segue) Clean
Yummy vs Peaches (Starjack Segue) Clean / Dirty
Mama Said Don’t Mess With My Man (Starjack Segue 102-106) Clean
Vivir Mi Vida Y Suavemente (Starjack Segue 105-126) Clean
Hot Girl Summer vs Act Up (Starjack Segue 99-97) Clean / Dirty
P.Y.T. vs So Pretty (Starjack Segue 127-94) Clean
Party In The USA vs IZZO (Starjack Segue 96-87) Clean
Like This vs Like That (Starjack Segue 97-107) Clean / Dirty
Hot In Herre vs Buss It (Starjack Segue) Clean / Dirty
Hypnotize vs Ziki (Starjack Epic Segue 94-104) Clean / Dirty
Good 4 U To Astronaut In The Ocean (Starjack Epic Segue 84-75) Clean / Dirty
Give Me Everything Tonight vs Sexy And I Know It (Starjack Segue) Clean
Dynamite vs Rock This Party (Starjack Segue 120-128) Clean
Ininna Tora Till We Die (Starjack Bigroom Segue) Clean
Splash vs Money vs Mi Gente (Starjack Party Segue Minimix 70-105) Dirty
Scream vs Scream & Shout (Starjack Segue) Clean / Dirty
Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Found Love (Starjack Segue 118-128) Clean
Goin Down x Boasty x Gimme The Light x Get Low (Starjack Segue Minimix 84-101) Dirty